Sports event

A selection of projects from the field of sports events


The Sport Austria Finals are the biggest multi-sport event in Austria. More than 30 state championships at the same time in one city. A sportive, touristic experience for participants and visitors.

We were asked to produce ORF SPORT+ live productions, ORF 1 Sport am Sonntag magazines, hundreds of webisodes and reels directly on site in record time as well as numerous videos and content for SAF.

RAAM – Race Across America

The Race Across America – 5,000km from the west to the east coast of America. Nonstop. On a racing bike. A legendary race over a duration of maximum 12 days.

Since 2009 we have been accompanying athletes like Christoph Strasser in this race. Besides high quality, almost live produced web series in NETFLIX quality, there is daily distribution of news packages to TV & radio stations all over the world. Award-winning documentaries and complete documentaries on various TV channels or cinema tours round off the “RAAM” experience for the athletes.