11 Oct 2022

Tour de Tirol 2022 | Participant videos as a treat for the Kaisermarathon athletes

3 days of video productions and premiere for almost 500 participant videos for Kaisermarathon finishersr

Daily highlights on the video wall. Täglich ein News-Paket an ORF SPORT. Social Media Edits and, as a treat in 2022, for the first time also participant videos, powered by JOLSPORT, TVB Wilder Kaiser und groox Filmagentur

The tourist wonderful participant video of Run with the Flow – Florian Neuschwender, known from many running records and the Wings For Life Run: https://t6q6n.app.goo.gl/i4JvK

Production: groox Filmagentur GmbH
On behalf of: TVB Wilder Kaiser und JOLSPORT
Director & Production management: Jürgen Gruber
Cameras: Jürgen Gruber & Ismael Lerch
Logistic realization made possible by: MOTOCREW.CH