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“WE SWAP FLEXIBILITY IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR LOYALTY!” – Recruiting video of the IT department of ANDRITZ

25 Mar 2022

A few months ago, the IT department of ANDRITZ, headed by Jürgen Podritschnig, approached us to create a video for their employee search. Together with the company REDFROG (IT headhunter based in Graz) we formulated goals and developed a concept.
The idea: ANDRITZ offers its employees more and is therefore looking for female employees who also offer more – in other words, a barter system. This resulted in slogans like “WE SWAP FLEXIBILITY IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR LOYALITY!”.
Various scenes were shot on several days, on the one hand the workflow in production halls, offices as well as event rooms and on the other hand at freedom places like the local mountain of Graz, the Schöckl Graz.
In order to record each scene in a cinematic high-quality, we were on the road in a compact team consisting of cameramen, drone pilots and camera assistants.
In the end, the result was a recruiting video that reflects the diversity and possibilities of ANDRITZ and can definitely be presented for a long time to come at trade fairs and various online uses.

Production: groox Filmagentur
Director & production management: Jürgen Gruber
Planning: groox film agency with REDFROG
Concept: Michael Hausberger
Camera + FPV drone pilot indoor: Frank Marbet
Camera assistant: Gerald Klösch
Drone Outdoor: Jürgen Gruber
Editing: Marvin Busta
Motion design: Mindconsole
Sound design: Mario Wienerroither
Lighting designer: Gabriel Boll