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The Rail Cargo Group is not only the market leader in freight transport in Austria, but also the leading end-to-end rail logistics provider from Europe to Asia with locations in 18 countries. Figures, data, facts: 5,887 employees, 16 terminals, 1,230 trains daily, 88.4 million net tons annually – THIS is #RAILCORE.


RCG – Rail Cargo Group International


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Lamborghini | Rail Cargo Group | DSV cooperation – PR-video production

16 Jun 2021
Lamborghini groox Rail Cargo DSV

ÖBB RAIL CARGO GROUP and Lamborghini work together for sustainable logistics.
With a transit time of only 48 hours, ÖBB Rail Cargo Group transports Lamborghini URUS car bodies from Germany to Italy. The transport by environmentally friendly rail reduces 1,903 tons of CO2 and Lamborghini’s carbon footprint by 85%.

The accompanying PR video was accompanied by a small team including FPV drone pilots from Germany to Italy as an announcement of the collaboration between RAIL CARGO GROUP, Lamborghini and DSV.