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The groox film agency has been producing participant videos since 2017. Each participant receives a very personal video of the event. In record time. To distribute on social media channels and among friends and family. Earned media – content marketing at its best. As a rule, participants download their own video about 3 times, send it and post it several times.

The implementation: usually up to 6 selected spots at the courses are recorded with special cameras in connection with the timekeeping and uploaded directly into our editing system.

The biggest references of personalized participant videos in 2023 include the following events:
Paris Marathon as the largest running event in Europe with 52,000 runners.
– ASICS Milan Marathon (22,000 runners)

Or 2022
– Boston Marathon (28,000 participants from 120 nations)


In Austria in 2022 THE references were
> Grazathlon (3.650 videos in 20h)
> Glacier Trailrun (650 videos in 24h – of a 60k trail run in rough terrain)
> Tour de Tirol – legendary 3-day mountain run with RedBull “stars” like Florian Neureuther


Glacier Trailrun
Tour de Tirol
Ischgl Ironbike UCI MTB race
24H of Kaindorf

Paris Marathon
Milano Marathon
Swiss Skills

Sport Austria Finals 2023 – Orienteering National Championships

09 Jun 2023

Styria premiere participant videos at Grazathlon 2022

11 Oct 2022
Grazathlon 2022

3.650 participant videos for all participants of the Beat The City – Grazathlon competition

Since 2018, participant videos have only been available in Austria from the groox film agency. The joy was great when, together with Steiermärkische Sparkasse, it was decided to premiere at one of THE premium events in Styria. Grazathlon.

Produced, as always, quite a bit this year. Highlights after the finish. Aftermovie <24h after the finish and a 15 minutes ORF SPORT+ contribution were only the basic deliverables this year.
It started for our video team already on Friday at the pre-shooting with our “groox Beat the City” team. Nadine, Arvid and Evelyn were already with us at the Linzathlon, after an injury-related absence Andy stepped in at the last minute for the Grazathlon and joined the team for the first time at the last training session at VIBES Outdoor Fitness. Martin, trainer at VIBES Outdoor Fitness, gave the ORF-SPORT+ TV team some last tips for the race on Saturday afternoon and showed our newbies some tricks for the obstacles. Cameraman Clemens shot a few scenes for our aftermovie.
On saturday it was time to get up early for the running team as well as for our camera team. To get the first sunbeams at the most beautiful place of Graz in front of the camera, we went up the stairs from Schlossbergplatz to the clock tower at 5am.
From 12 o’clock on, it was one after the other. First, the cameras for the participant video spots were set up, then our 7 cameramen spread out along the course to get shots of all the obstacles in the box. As early as 4 p.m. the first footage arrived in the office and then it was time to start sorting, uploading and processing the material. Just six hours after the starting signal, punctually at 8 p.m., the one-minute highlight video was ready.
During the total of 5 participant video spots, almost 4,000 videos of the runners were created. Thanks to Steiermärkische Sparkasse, all participants received a personal video of the start, finish and the obstacles “Rutschpartie” as well as “Wand 4 + Panier”, which they can immediately download, share and send.

The participant videos and the aftermovie were processed, edited and finalized on Sunday. Sunday evening, the last content went online and we finally went into the well-deserved closing time.

We are very proud of the performance of our camera and running team and the great results.

Participant video of Jürgen Gruber – GF groox Filmagentur, who did a run himself after the end of the shoot:

Production: groox Filmagentur GmbH
On behalf of: Company Code
Director & Production Manager: Jürgen Gruber
Cameras: Tobias Heckenbichler, Clemens Haid, Florian Werner, Rene Rainer, Thomas Diemath, Jürgen Gruber
Participant cameras: Daniel Guarise and Gabriel Boll
Editing: Marvin Busta

Tour de Tirol 2022 | Participant videos as a treat for the Kaisermarathon athletes

11 Oct 2022

3 days of video productions and premiere for almost 500 participant videos for Kaisermarathon finishersr

Daily highlights on the video wall. Täglich ein News-Paket an ORF SPORT. Social Media Edits and, as a treat in 2022, for the first time also participant videos, powered by JOLSPORT, TVB Wilder Kaiser und groox Filmagentur

The tourist wonderful participant video of Run with the Flow – Florian Neuschwender, known from many running records and the Wings For Life Run:

Production: groox Filmagentur GmbH
On behalf of: TVB Wilder Kaiser und JOLSPORT
Director & Production management: Jürgen Gruber
Cameras: Jürgen Gruber & Ismael Lerch
Logistic realization made possible by: MOTOCREW.CH