groox Filmagency. One of Europe's leading moving images company creating high-end content (TV/online) in a cinematic way for tourism, sports and events.
Moving images for .
Make the most out of your product/event/tourismregion. Maximum output. Near-live deliveries. Broadcast quality. TV & Online.
With small, outdoor-experienced crews we shoot high quality pictures at every place you could dream of.
Aftermovies at small-sized events or UCI-world championships incl. TV distribution to 200 TV-channels worldwide. We deliver fast and reliable.
Web-Series for athletes, full documentations ... Worldwide and multilingual.
To show off brands in the best light is what we do for more than 10 years. We are professionals on every terrain, for every job.
15 years experience at international projects. Multichannel productions. Multilingual. Maximum output.

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