14 May 2021

Film premiere | documentary “377” Christoph Strasser until 30.05. on OETICKET.com

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The sports documentary “377” accompanies Christoph Strasser and his crew from their former dream to legendary records at the “Race Across America”. The focus is not on the victories, but rather on the immediate proximity to cycling. Detailed, unadorned and as authentic as possible, “377” shows the athlete and human being Christoph Strasser on his story through a lifelong dream come true and illustrates once again that in addition to years of training and a persistent will, another factor is decisive: the team. The documentary is always close to the action, shows never-before-seen, almost intimate insights and combines the highs and lows of the world’s longest and toughest non-stop cycling race in a kaleidoscope of setbacks, euphoria and, above all, a lot of perseverance. The film portrays the personal story of Team Strasser from the first time they started in 2009 to the groundbreaking records a decade later at the 4,800 km RAAM.

TICKETS: https://www.oeticket.com/artist/christoph-strasser/

Film: Christoph Strasser – 377 – His Race Across America story
Length: 120 minutes
Premiere: 12.05.2021, 19:00 – Livestream, tickets on oeticket.com
Languages: DE (EN from June 2021)
Cast: Christoph Strasser, Rainer Hochgatterer, Florian Kraschitzer,
Michael Kogler and 9 Race Across America teams from 2009 – 2019
as well as numerous legends of the sport

Produced & directed by: Jürgen Gruber
Texts: Michael Hausberger and Christoph Strasser
Camera: Stefan Schmid, Daniel Guarise, Clemens Haid, Florian Kreis,
Jürgen Gruber, Florian Werner, Martin Pendl, Gerald Klösch
Music: Markus Illko
Narrator: Stefan Margenfeld
Editing: Jürgen Gruber, Gabriel Boll
Animations: Mindconsole Graz