Your Glacier Trailrun 2022. Your video.

  • Glacier Trailrun
    the trailrunning event in the
    Diamond of the Alps
    08 & 09 JULY 2022 IN GURGL
    Technically challenging trails between 2,000 and 3,000 m near the Ötztal Glacier.
Videos produziert by groox Filmagentur innerhalb von 48 Stunden.


Ötztal Tourismus


6 cameramen. 2 man director. 1 man motocrew.
Livestream incl. live statistics
Highlights on Videowall
Aftermovie and Insta-Clips
Personalized participant videos with 5 cameras on the 42,5km long track
15m2 outdoor videowall

Event Facts:
Top Mountain Run: 6.3 km, 750 hm+.

Glacier Trail 14K: 14 km, 800 hm+.
Glacier Trail 26K: 25.8 km, 1900 hm+
Glacier Trail 42K: 42,5 km, 2800 hm+
Glacier Trail 62K: 61.1 km, 3600 hm+