Stuiben Trailrun 2022

Stunning 728 natural and steel steps at the highest waterfall in Tyrol and breathtaking summit panoramas – feel the elemental power of water at the 5th edition of the Stuiben Trailrun.

Participant videos of the runs:
SATURDAY, 28.05.2022
Stuiben Trail 12K: 12,5km | 700Hm
Stuiben Trail 24K: 25,5 km | 1.700 Hm
Stuiben Trail 42K: 42,5km | 3.100 Hm

With 5 cameramen – distributed on the wonderful trails of the Ötztal – the groox team will create a highlight video and TV film for each of the 650 participants, which he/she will receive hours after the competition.


ÖTZTAL TOURISMUS & Ötztal Trailrunning

Individual videos for each athlete
Epochal highlight clip for the award ceremony
Social Clips